Digital marketing in Kenya

The rate of adoption of Digital marketing in Kenya was fueled by corona virus outbreak in year2020. There are various types of digital marketing that can be applied in Kenya and in any other country worldwide. They include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization refers to the art or science of making content friendly to search engines so that it can be crawled with ease when a user search for some information on the web.

Advantages of Search engine optimization:

SEO helps to make a page to have a higher ranking on search engines.

Pay Per Click (CPC) Google Marketing:

This is a form marketing campaign where a business advertises on search engines and pays for every click made on the advert.  Pay per click is also know as Search Engine marketing.

Search engine marketing is very effective since it’s main target is on someone who is searching for an item. Most digital marketers refer to this type of marketing as Cost Per Click (CPC).

Social Media Marketing:

This refers to placement of adverts on social electronic platforms and networks where users interact with their products or services. Some of these platforms include facebook, instagram, suitable networks, Linkedin, wechat and so on.

Email Marketing:

This is the act of sending commercial related information to a group of people via mail. E-mail marketing has become very popular over time and it is very effective.

SMS Marketing:

This is where a business sends short commercial messages related to their products or services to a group of contacts. This strategy is very effective.

Suimas Marketing

This is a platform where businesses meet with customers. Businesses will upload products while Suimas will display them to customers.