Property Management Training in Real Estate

Property Management Training in Real Estate

This training program is meant for professionals in real estate. Its main focus is in focus is to increase operations efficiency in management of residential and commercial properties, planning and construction.

Property management refers to the act of coordinating and handling administration tasks on behalf of owners of residential houses, commercial buildings and estates. Property managers work on behalf of apartment investors, home owners, commercial building investors, estate owners and industrial parks.

Roles & responsibilities of a property manager

Their main roles and responsibilities include:

  • Marketing unoccupied spaces
  • Screening potential customers and approving them
  • Determining rent prices
  • Property maintenance; Carrying out renovations
  • Preparing and enforcing lease agreements
  • Ensuring that properties are well guarded
  • Collecting rent
  • Handling complaints from tenants and from surrounding areas
  • Maintaining financial records and submitting them to the right people
  • Supervising employees
  • Managing risks to protect owners from possible liabilities
  • Make payments to relevant authorities, employees and suppliers
  • Keeping the property owners and tenants happy and satisfied
  • Informing property owners or tenants on an action that they may be required to take to increase income or protect the owner from any loss.

Five main training areas

The program is detailed to provide learners with a 3600 understanding on how they are supposed to efficiently and effortless handle all activities while managing a property. This training covers five main areas. These areas include:

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Financial management and record keeping
  3. Residential management & Tenant relationships
  4. Administration & risk management
  5. Facility management and maintenance

What will be covered?

Various employees in a property management firm play different roles. All in all an organization need all the skill sets to run its business well and effectively. To achieve that, this training program equips professionals in property management with the following skills to maximize team’s efficiency:

  1. Planning and time management
  2. Book keeping and budgeting
  3. Tenant on boarding procedure
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Soft skills
  6. Risk management and contingency planning
  7. Effective communication
  8. Sales & Marketing
  9. Mindset
  10. Contract management
  11. Move in and move out inspections
  12. Handling maintenance requests

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