Web Development Skills

Go from Start Up to an in-demand and skilled web developer, at a fraction of the cost of a bootcamp. Start with the front-end by learning CMS and other related,  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then master the back-end and APIs to round out your full-stack skills. Here We offer training to empower you with the relevant skills needed in web development and design. Web development skills are currently on high demand and every company is looking for people to maitain their websites and develop contant consitently.

At suitable Network we as well provide mentorship in content creation, website maitainance, digital marketing and search engine optimization to thousands of professionals. If you would like to join, you can send an email to info@suitablenetwork.com.

4 essential skills that every web developer should have

  1. Time management and prioritization
  2. Undestanding User interface (UX). User experience is key.
  3. Keeping up to date with the industry.
  4. Contitinous learning and improvement.

What will you learn?

Learn HTML / CMS

Get started as a web developer by learning the basics of HTML, the essential language of the web. and CMS i.e.. WordPress.

Styling a Website

Learn and practice the fundamentals of CSS to add beautiful styling to your webpages.


Learn the how to integrate various API in the website, API(s) with ecommerce functionalities.